Your plastic surgeon is going to know you more intimately than most other people in your life, and will have a very significant impact on your future. Great results depend on a comfortable relationship and understanding between you and your plastic surgeon. The right choice will lead to a bright future.

Round 1The research: From sources such as the site you’re on, gather procedure information. Prioritize your goals. Gather doctor information and compile a list of your ideal doctors… at least based on their qualities “on paper.”

Round 2Size ‘em Up: While it’s important to do research on procedures and on doctor qualifications, you also need to conduct some interviews with each potential doctor. Again, this will be your most intimate partner for at least several months, so you’d better be comfortable with them.
Consultation To Do:
- Ask about the doctor’s educational background, training, board certification, and experience
- Express openly what you’re looking for; what you hope to get out of this procedure.
- Look for the doctor to provide you with realistic expectations. If you don’t feel that honest, realistic information is offered to you, treat this as a warning signal. Inquire further.
- Ask for before and after photos of previous patients, and even for referrals from other Boston plastic surgery patients.
- Don’t leave without an understanding of cost and time frame for the procedure, and of the next step in this process.

Round 3 – The Cut: Evaluate your impression of each doctor based on your face-to-face meetings with them and determine which is the best plastic surgeon for you. Starting working with the doctor on your surgery plan and be on your way to an improved you!



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